About us


Densen Development is a part of Densen Group who has more than ten years of local development experience. Our focus is property development projects and customer-developed projects in various suburbs of Auckland, New Zealand. We provide a one-stop development management services including market analysis, project feasibility analysis, financing, architectural design, project management, and cost control.

Densen Development is an exciting and dynamic company that is customer focused, striving to ensure the highest standard of service. We are committed to building excellent overseas Chinese enterprises and making outstanding contributions to the development of New Zealand’s real estate.

Due diligence & feasibility report


Our experienced planning team can provide measurable advice on the economic, technical, timing and organizational possibilities of your project. Analyzing the development process from the perspectives of management, investment, marketing and economic trends includes clearly identifying current deficiencies, expected needs, listing all solutions, and collecting data. Subject to various resource conditions, we will provide the most promising One or more than one feasible program proposals pending final review and approval.

Expert planning


After Due diligence & feasibility report is completed, our team will help you better understand the planning rules that apply to your site, such as the maximum height you can build on your site, building coverage, availability of public services (stormwater, wastewater, water supply), legal restrictions (interest on title records) and possible circumstances and any restrictions that may have cost implications on your land. Our planners will help guide you to apply for any other consent that you may need to ensure a smooth application process with Auckland Council.

Construction management


Densen Development uses its own building construction team throughout the construction process, including foundation excavation, main construction, interior fit-out, and construction management. This enables us to control the construction progress and cost in the most effective way. It also means that we can solve emergencies during the construction process at the earliest possible instance.



Densen Development has excellent development experience in the real estate field for many years, We can bring to the table professional and comprehensive investment advice, and determine the most suitable investment portfolio strategy for you with the appropriate financial support.

Our team


The Densen Development team is a one-stop development management company with a stellar reputation and a focus on development. It consists of consultants, architects, engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Project Managers, and other experienced construction industry professionals.


Over the past ten years, we have successfully delivered many types of projects locally in New Zealand. From market research to feasibility analysis, from project budget planning to drawing design, from council consent application to approval, from project management and quality supervision to construction, we are by your side throughout the entire process.